RoboGames 2006
San Francisco, CA, June 16-18, 2006
vs Whiz
vs Last Rites
vs Full Smash
vs Stewie
vs Sub Zero
vs Hexadecimator
Pipe Wench
Record 1-2
Sewer Snake (SHW)
Record 0-4
vs Megabyte
Devil's Plunger (HW)
Record 2-2
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Sewer Snake moved into the SHW class for this competition. Unfortunately, the two other registered SHW bots did not make it to SF. So Ziggy and Sewer Snake ran best of 5 for the SHW crown. First fight went to a judges decision, but in the other 3 Ziggy tossed Sewer Snake over the I-beam into the death zone.
Pipe Wench hasn't learned to accesorize yet, and used the wrong lifter/wedge set up for the tough drum bot Stewie. Not to say PW would have won with the other set-up, but she might not have gotten so beat up.

Congratulations to Greg Gibson and Stewie for winning the Gold!
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