Robojoust 7
Las Vegas, NV June 5-6, 2004
Team PlumbCrazy loves Las Vegas! Devil's Plunger and Wipe Out were undefeated champions in their respective weight classes.

Devil's Plunger battled Swamp Thing, Carnivorous Bunny and WolfRam in the survivor series to win the bracket. Then in the finals DP took on Another Boring Wedge...and slammed ABW out of the arena for the championship.

Wipe Out challenged AR, Swampy and Knuckle Sandwich in the survivor series. After taking out AR in fight 1 and Swampy in fight 2, WO and Knuckle Sandwich faught a tight match which WO took by judge's decision. In the final, Wipe Out flipped The Coyote onto his back within 10 seconds.
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