Friday Night Fights
We completed middleweight Devil's Plunger just in time for Friday Night Fights in Sausalito. Our first fight was against Bravepart from Team MacCanIKill. Bravepart's spikes put some good dents in the armor, but DP got the nod from the crowd and we moved on the fight 2 against Robo Master.
Robo Master was the only lightweight at FNF, so he fought against the MW bots. Won his first fight against Max Wedge, but DP beat him in the second fight. After pushing around Discontent at LVSF, we're getting a reputation of being the big bully! But Robo Master is a very tough bot, and builder Jim Yeh didn't hold it against us that we drive him into some water at the end of the "arena".
That put us into the finals against Bad Attitude (who beat host bot T-Minus)! We had a great fight against veteran Thomas Petruccelli...lots of agressive driving. Both bots got their share of hits in and BA was crowned winner of FNF. Second place...not too bad for a rookie bot!
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