Robojoust - LVSF IV
Sewer Snake's first competition was supposed to be Battlebots 6.0 in November 2002. Since this competition was postponed until further notice, SS debuted at Robojoust November 9-10, 2002 in Las Vegas.
After setting up our pit area Friday night, we were ready to fight. Unfortunately, our first competitor, Think Tank was having some radio problems. Tournament organizer Ed Robinson knew we were anxious to get into the arena. He asked if we wanted to fight Discontent who wasn't eligible to compete and was also itching for a fight. SS pushed Discontent around the arena some, but Discontent tapped out after one of his tires went flat. We had our first (unofficial) win!
Then before you knew it, it was time for Sewer Snake vs. Think Tank. We were able to get the wedge under TT and drive him all over the arena. The crowd cheered as SS drove TT into Snookums, Ed's out of commission house robot. The cheers were even louder when TT broke free from a steel cage in the corner of the arena. The fight went the whole three minutes and SS won by unanimous judges decision!
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